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Prototyping, Design Assessment, and 1st Article

Initial Design Review

Every customer’s part has a complete manufacturing file that includes the following:

  • Prints

  • Material Specifications Information

  • Machine Setup Sheets

  • Finishing Specifications

  • Assembly Instructions

  • Packaging/Shipping Instructions


Sample Parts and 1st Article – Let us develop your designs into low cost, manufacturable parts. We deliver on short lead time requirements.


Programming – We use SolidWorks software for layout and design and SigmaNest CAD/Nesting programming system for all laser cutting. Between both systems, we support most drawing file types. Just attach your drawings to an email, and we will take care of the rest.



Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, and wood.  Complete shop packets travel with each customer order through our shop. This means our experienced staff knows your parts, quality requirements, and due dates. We are proud of our ability to offer quick response to inquiries, part manufacturability, and 1st article support. We provide full turnkey assembly and consistent on-time delivery of quality products. In short, SRC makes it easy to do business.


After fabrication, we or one of our trusted partners, finish the job by powder coating, plating, assembling, labeling, and more.

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